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LambdaConf 2018: Ted Blackman - Ford: Urbit's Build System

Ted presents a technical overview of Ford, Urbit's build system, at LambdaConf 2018.


Blueprint 2017 Talks: Galen Wolfe-Pauly on the Distributed Web

Galen presents to IDEO on Urbit and decentralized systems.


Epicenter #205: Urbit – A Digital Republic Reinventing the Internet

Galen discusses Urbit with Brian Fabian Crain and Meher Roy on the Epicenter podcast.


Governing the Future E09: Urbit – A User Owned Internet on top of the Internet

Galen talks with Hampus Jakobsson about Urbit on the Governing the Future podcast.


The Future of Precision Agriculture is Decentralized

Anthony Arroyo writes on Urbit and decentralizing agriculture.


Episode 19: Virtual Land in the Clouds, with Urbit

Galen and Curtis talk Urbit on the BlockChannel podcast.


Urbit and the Not-So-Dark Future of the Internet

Isaac Simpson's high-level introduction to Urbit.


The Ether Review #46: Curtis Yarvin & Galen Wolfe-Pauly on Urbit

Curtis and Galen talk about Urbit on The Ether Review podcast.


LambdaConf 2016: Curtis Yarvin - Urbit: A Clean Slate Functional Operating Stack

Curtis presents a comprehensive technical overview of Urbit at LambdaConf 2016.