Imagine that you can login from anywhere with one name and password.

And when you do, your entire OS appears.

Inside is your whole digital life. All of your communities, conversations, and connections. All of your biometric data and devices. Your entire personal archive in one place that’s secure, private, and designed to last forever.

You own and control this OS completely. It’s yours. No one else can look at it without your permission, it can never show you ads.

This is what Urbit is. Your Urbit is a simple, durable computer that belongs to you 100% and forever.

Urbit is not vaporware. It's real and it works. Two separate companies and a community of contributors are working together to build the Urbit future.

But Urbit isn't ready for everyone yet. Today, it's a version 0. Brave explorers should find a way in. In 2020, we plan to open Urbit for more people.

Let’s walk through what Urbit is, what it’s for and where we’re going step by step.

This is a drawing of an Urbit —  a new kind of computer.

Your Urbit isn’t a physical device: it lives in the cloud or your laptop.

A drawing of an Urbit ship.

Your Urbit is a tool for you to run your own social software to connect and communicate with your friends and family.

Urbit is the opposite of MEGACORP social media.

An Urbit ship receiving data.

Your Urbit is a permanent, private archive.

Your Urbit can store all your data and digital assets safely, privately, forever.

An Urbit ship with its previous versions in a lifetime archive

You own your Urbit like you own Bitcoin.

Each Urbit is a piece of a new network that’s owned and controlled by its users.

An Urbit ship communicating with other ships

Today, technology controls us. Every MEGACORP has the same incentive: To keep us hooked on their platform.

We built Urbit so people can control their technology, shape their digital lives and freely build their digital communities.

We want to replace the Internet with a foundation for computing that we can all rely on far into the future.

Urbit is a large, ambitious project. But at the core it’s simple, durable and yours.

Nothing quite like this has ever been done before.