Project Status + History

Can you move to Urbit today and never look back? Not quite yet. Urbit is still young.

Currently, Urbit ID is live and deployed. That means you can own a piece of Urbit — if you can find one. There are thousands of people that can potentially invite you, and we give away invites from time to time. Your Urbit ID gets you a name, a sigil, and access to Urbit OS.

You can interact with your Urbit ID and invite friends using Bridge, the Urbit authentication system. You can also use Bridge to boot the current alpha of Urbit OS. Soon you’ll be able to use Bridge for payments and to explore the Urbit network.

Urbit OS is a solid alpha. We use it every day to coordinate and chat about the future of Urbit. You’re welcome to join. Our standards are high, so we aren’t asking everyone to use Urbit OS yet. If you’re someone who wants to customize their own software and experiment with a new system, check it out. Otherwise, join the mailing list. We have exciting things planned for 2020.

Urbit OS isn’t just an interface — it’s a complete system. You should also check out the GitHub repository, our open grants program and the documentation. Building a system from scratch is a huge and enormously fun undertaking. There’s a lot going on, and we do all our development in public. Systems programmers, functional programming nerds, anyone who wants to tinker with their software will probably love playing with Urbit.

At the beginning, Urbit was just a few people with the right combination of imagination and discipline to try to rebuild computing. Now it's a community of thousands of address space holders, dozens of open source developers, at least two independent companies (Tlon — which works mostly on kernel development and interface design, and — which is building services on the platform), and who knows how many fans.



Future updates

Urbit is young, but developing quickly. If you've just finished our Understanding Urbit series and want to stay connected with the project, we recommend starting with our mailing list.

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