~2017.12.2 Update

This week Tlon has mostly focused on testing the upcoming continuity breach. We also fixed some compiler problems, made progress on restructuring web publishing to use server-side rendering, and have started working on closing some of arvo's oldest open pull requests. From the community, we're excited to report that ~master-morzod has an initial implementation of SSL termination in vere.

Ted ~rovnys-ricfer has been working on the urbit fleet repo, which we use for spawning testnets. The repo now works with the new urbit command-line arguments that are part of the breach, and it's now at the point where we can launch ships from galaxies all the way down to comets. We've been using it to test various aspects of Urbit's multi-ship functionality, such as :talk and filesystem syncing. Turns out there is a bug with filesystem syncing in master, so we're going to have to fix that before breaching.

Anton ~pittyp-datfyn has knocked out a bunch of items in our breach checklist. Some highlights:

Keaton ~tonlur-sarret has been working with Anton on the breach checklist. He also updated the docs and examples to reflect the changes made in hoon %143 (which will be deployed with the breach) and helped Ted debug some urbit/fleet problems.

Curtis ~sorreg-namtyv has made a number of improvements to hoon's defaulting system (bunting). Part of the work included fixing an inconsistency in how hoon determined which subtype of a fork type would be chosen as default. After fixing that, he implemented a cache for those defaults, which improved compilation speed by 10-20%. This code has been merged into Arvo's master branch. He's still working on a parallel defaulting system, which might go even faster.

Galen ~ravmel-ropdyl and Jimmy have been working on the new urbit.org homepage, which will be Tlon's next priority after the breach. This will feature a complete redesign using a new base.css to provide a standardized look and feel for the Urbit web experience.

Mark ~palfun-foslup / ~palnup-salwyx-mortyl-silfyl--digrel-pitbud-dorsym-livpyl has been working with ~poldec-tonteg to troubleshoot some issues with Urbit's Ethereum constitution. He's still waiting for the rest of Tlon to test his monumental PR for new talk, which he submitted a couple weeks ago. Now that we have the fleet repo working, we can use it to test this work more thoroughly. This week he also made some changes to Hall, which he has expressed in haiku form:

the hall has opened, circles form to admire, people's collections.

He also says:

Or if you want something slightly more serious: Hall has received some more fixes and quality of life improvements since I opened the PR. It's > never been more ready for the breach! I'm already working on something interesting that uses > it: an interface for managing your own notes, blogs and foras. Complete with filesystem, storage, and hall notifications!

Joe ~master-morzod has written an implementation of SSL termination in vere. This will allow your Urbit to serve true end-to-end-encrypted HTTPS, as opposed to Tlon's servers operating as man-in-the-middle, which is not a viable long-term solution. This has been an important piece of missing functionality, so we're excited to see it start to come together. Latest code can be found here.

Isaac ~davtyr-nimren has been building the next generation of Urbit's web publishing system, currently located in the ren/tree directory of Arvo. This new system, instead of serializing data down to the client to be fetched after the initial page load, will perform the HTML rendering on the server. This is now possible because of the integration of our Udon markup language with the Hoon compiler. This allows us to include Udon files in other Udon files using Ford runes. The new system is much simpler and should improve page load time. Once we've written our planned Vere HTTP cache, this new paradigm should also improve the coherence of that cache. This system is mostly complete now, and Isaac is now working on smaller bugfixes.

There was also a new episode of Mars Talk with Ted and Joe discussing Hoon's type system.

Those are the highlights from this week. Back to breaching!