~2017.12.22 Update

This past week:

Mark ~palfun-foslup has continued to fix bugs in new :talk. We've finally reinstated our public chat stream urbit.org/stream, which had been down since the breach, and as far as we know all the major, show-stopping :talk bugs have now been fixed. All currently known :talk bugs can be found on our github issues page. Mark, with some help from Ted, has also been working on reproducing and diagnosing an old Clay bug that popped up again recently involving failed filesystem syncing across ships. We now know how to fix the bug, so that's up next for Mark.

Ted ~rovnys-ricfer submitted a PR that fixes a long-standing performance bug in Urbit's event-processing model, where effects wouldn't be performed until the whole queue of input events had been processed. The PR is currently in review. He's also resumed work on the Ford caching fixes that he and Anton had been working on before the breach. It's a difficult project, but once it lands, the dreaded 504 errors when loading urbit.org should finally cease.

Anton ~pittyp-datfyn has been working on the :collections app, which will replace and generalize :fora. This work is nearing completion. This work will likely land with the frontend overhaul that Galen is leading.

Isaac ~davtyr-nimren has contined to make progress on the new version of ren/tree, Urbit's web publishing frontend. The new system has now matured enough that Keaton has been able to translate several of our docs pages to it.

Keaton ~tonlur-sarret has been chugging along on converting Urbit's documentation to the new ren/tree. He also booted up a new web ship to run urbit.org, since the old one had gotten verklempt.

Galen ~ravmel-ropdyl has continued work on the revamped Urbit frontend, including a base.css and a redesigned look and feel and more diagrams, explanations, and blog posts. Jimmy and Chris are working with him on this project. He's also been working with Anton on the :collections app.

Anthony ~poldec-tonteg has fixed several more bugs with Urbit's fork of myetherwallet.

Curtis ~sorreg-namtyv has continued working on Hoon performance. Performance of his branch is currently estimated at 30% faster than master.

Joshua Reagan ~taglux-nidsep and Ted had Mark and Keaton on Mars Talk episode 13 and they live-coded a Gall app.

We also threw what was generally considered to be a pretty good party last night. It was a nice way to end the year. Happy holidays from Mars!