~2018.1.13 Update

This week:

Galen ~ravmel-ropdyl, Curtis ~sorreg-namtyv, and Jimmy continued work on the upcoming Urbit primer for the website.

Keaton ~tonlur-sarret is almost done converting the documentation to Urbit-flavored markdown, building on the work of Isaac ~davtyr-nimren.

Ted ~rovnys-ricfer has been working with Anton on better Ford caching performance.

Anton ~pittyp-datfyn has been doing some work with Joe ~master-morzod on automated Vere memory verification.

Mark has a PR to fix a talk / Gall bug and is now working on updating Clay's API to support multiple files per request, which will support the Ford caching improvements.

Iceman ~littel-ponnys has submitted a PR implementing a unit testing framework for Hoon, which had been in the works for a long time.

Mikolaj ~ponmep-litsem has been making lots of good contributions recently, including reporting several GitHub issues and work on an Elm web frontend for Urbit, which he's using to implement Plato, an in-browser Hoon editor.

Finally, in Mars Talk this week Ted wrote a Gall app using a timer from Behn with help from Keaton and Josh ~taglux-nidsep.