~2018.2.17 Update

Here's what we've all been up to this week:

Curtis ~sorreg-namtyv this week, on behalf of urbit.org, awarded Winter 2018 star grants to Urbit's top recent contributors. The winners this term were:

Thank you all again for helping bring Urbit to life!

Galen ~ravmel-ropdyl, Jimmy ~haptyl-wanwes, and Chris ~sigtus-hossyn have been progressing further on the new Urbit frontend.

Anton ~pittyp-datfyn has been working hard on making Urbit-flavored markdown, and subsequently, Fora, a lot less slow than it currently is.

Mark ~palfun-foslup submitted an urbit/arvo pull request that implements permissions for Urbit's Clay filesystem, which Ted merged this week. Among other things, this will play a pivotal role in the new Collections app actively being worked on, so that an Urbit user can store private notes, create invite-only fora and blogs, and collect a private archive of typed documents, all while maintaining referential transparency in the global immutable namespace.

Ted ~rovnys-ricfer and Keaton ~tonlur-sarret have been working on a design for the data structures and control flow for the next version of Ford, Urbit's build system. We'll post to Fora once we've revised it some more.

Joshua ~taglux-nidsep rejoined Mars Talk this week as host with Ted and Keaton for Episode 21. We decided to take a break from deep technical talk to chat about the proposed Nock 4K spec (a cosmic event in the Urbit universe), Josh's dissertation, Vere parallelism, and Urbit as a personal command center to call out to Earth blockchains.

Have a great weekend, everyone!