~2018.2.9 Update

Galen ~ravmel-ropdyl, Jimmy ~haptyl-wanwes, and Chris ~sigtus-hossyn continue work on the new Urbit front-end.

Ted ~rovnys-ricfer and Mark ~palfun-foslup finished their month-long project of labelling the Arvo issues.

~palfun says: After moving over Arvo-related issues from the Vere repository, Arvo hit >100 open issues. Knowing a lot is wrong is the first step towards making a better product, but a big ol' pile of issues isn't really conducive to that. After proposing a set of labels for our repositories to use, ~rovnys and I set out to show all the issues some love. Today we finally made it through the last of them! You can now look for issues that are easy or good for contributors to tackle. There's plenty of labels now for all your filtering needs. Internally, we'll try to get eyes on issues labeled RFC and help wanted every so often. While contributors can't add labels themselves, we'll make sure your issues get tagged correctly. Enjoy!

Curtis ~sorreg-namtyv has been helping Ted and Anton ~pittyp-datfyn with Ford. He's also continued his work on improving default values for types in Hoon.

Keaton ~tonlur-sarret has been working on a super-secret project that he cannot discuss. Loose lips sink ships ...

Mark ~palfun-foslup has submitted a PR for Clay permissions. We just completed a second round of review, and Mark is now doing more testing.

Iceman ~littel-ponnys, Joe ~master-morzod, and Ted had some fun discussing various forms of persistence in Clay and Gall in urbit-meta.

Keaton and Ted demoed some Urbit web app examples in Mars Talk Episode 20.