~2018.6.14 Update


Here's a short update from the team at Tlon for the week of ~2018.6.14:

Ted ~rovnys-ricfer and J ~leb / ~ribben-donnyl had a great time in Boulder, CO last week at LambdaConf 2018. Ted gave his same Ford talk he gave at the last meetup to a small group there. We should see the video recording of that published in a few months when the editing process is finished. J's talk on Hoon was a success. He posted to Fora this week with a link to his slides and talk turned into article form for Martian consumption. Check it out here!

J also designed some new T-shirts. What a fan! We're working on designing some new official ones ourselves, but until then, feel free to score one of these.

We breached again last Friday. People were hitting a nasty Vere issue between versions from a breaking change, but breaching fixed it. We posted a short reminder of post-breach steps to Fora here. Let us know if you're hitting any issues getting back up and running in the new continuity era.

Ted ~rovnys-ricfer and Elliot ~littel-ponnys reunited this week after LambdaConf. Gall and Dojo on the ford-turbo branch now both use new Ford. Next up is Clay, in tandem with one big necessary algorithm change: adding support for the promotion of one-time builds, useful for things like generators. As usual, their code progress is here.

The interface team -- Galen ~ravmel-ropdyl, Anthony ~poldec-tonteg, Jimmy ~haptyl-wanwes, Gavin ~ridlur-figbud, Chris ~sigtus-hossyn, Isaac ~davtyr-nimren, and Logan ~tacryt-socryp -- has commenced internal private alpha MVE testing on web and mobile. Our alpha Urbit iOS app is shipped to Apple's TestFlight, and we've all been having a blast testing it out on our phones. New web Talk in MVE even supports image display. We can't wait to ship this all soon -- just need to fix the last of bugs and design issues here and there first.

Curtis ~sorreg-namtyv worked more on Hoon. He's been working on generalizing name binding by replacing +toga in hoon.hoon as part of the new Hoon doc integration. That work in progress is here. He's also been working on designing the "launch ceremony" for Urbit/Ethereum private keys with Morgan ~hidrel-fabtel and Will for when we go on chain with our Urbit constitution on ETH very soon. We'll publish details about all of this once we've squared everything away.

Mark ~palfun-foslup worked more on locking down the Urbit constitution by incorporating feedback from our audits and putting more safeguards around how address space is transferred. Martian soil is too valuable to be lost through a fat-fingered Ethereum transaction or, worse, malice! We've also been working with some contributors out Texas way to get our MyEtherWallet fork up to speed with the latest, greatest contract work. You can check out those changes here

Joe ~master-morzod is cranking away at setting up a reverse TCP proxy (and all of the associated machinery), so that we can scrap the Ames-based proxy currently done by ship.urbit.org and move over to real, live HTTPS termination for all ships. This is a major undertaking and has required ~master to touch a lot of different parts of the system: Eyre, Vere, Ames -- you name it. Once his head is above water, he's going to write something up for us and tell us what he's seen in his wanderings through the system.

And Josh ~taglux-nidsep and Robert ~lodleb-ritrul have spent yet another week making the docs more awesome. Josh's new Hoon tutorials (WIP link: here) are nearing completion. Rob opened up a couple more PR's improving the standard-library docs. You can check the latest urbit/docs pull requests here.

There's also a third set of Hoon exercises which Josh posted to Fora here. Give them a shot!

No Mars Talk this week. Ted and Josh will return next week to talk about treaps, and where we're using them in Arvo.

That's it for this week!