~2018.6.21 Update


Here's a short update from the team at Tlon for the week of ~2018.6.21

The interface team -- Galen ~ravmel-ropdyl, Jimmy ~haptyl-wanwes, Gavin ~ridlur-figbud, Chris ~sigtus-hossyn, Anthony ~poldec-tonteg, and Isaac ~davtyr-nimren -- worked more on MVE. We're getting incrementally closer to being able to release a public beta. Life has been active on the testnet as the team coordinates to fix the last known bugs and design issues.

Logan ~tacryt-socryp noticed a lacking feature in Hall: read vs. unread messages, a common feature in most messaging applications. Logan decided to embark on his first real Hoon project and successfully implemented this last week. You can check out the code here, to be merged into MVE soon.

The constitution team -- Mark ~palfun-foslup, Curtis ~sorreg-namtyv, Morgan ~hidrel-fabtel, Will ~hadrud-lodsef, Anthony ~poldec-tonteg, and Texan Ben ~mirfet-hocbyt -- has been continuing to work to get us on chain by the end of the summer. Mark has been fortifying some of the contracts and Arvo-side cryptography and Jael functionality, while Ben and Anthony continue to finalize the control flow of our MyUrbitWallet fork. Curtis, Morgan, and Will are striding forward on designing the key-launch ceremony, more details of which we'll publish soon. The latest constitution, Urbit wallet, and Arvo code with the latest Jael work can all be found on GitHub.

Curtis ~sorreg-namtyv worked more on Hoon, continuing to improve face-wrapping (variable naming) around values. He's also been working on a couple of new runes, like ^#, whose designs aren't yet fully complete, but when they are, we'll document and share with y'all. Curtis' research Arvo and Vere code can be found on GitHub.

Joe ~master-morzod worked more on HTTPS this past week and got some of his work merged into the urbit/arvo collections branch, which will go live with the MVE release. Included in the PR are new moves in Eyre and Ames to support his reverse TCP proxy, HTTPS server configuration changes, and child-ship IP address changes. Additionally added is a dynamic-DNS Gall app, which brings us closer to our envisioned ideal of getting your-ship.urbit.org to connect directly to your ship's IP address, rather than going through Tlon's intermediary proxying ships. Our next step is to deploy this to our internal testnet before releasing it into the wild. Joe's work can be found here on GitHub -- very exciting.

Ted ~rovnys-ricfer and Elliot ~littel-ponnys now nearly have a fully-integrated Ford Turbo. They can boot a ship with a Clay that exclusively uses Ford Turbo and not old, slow Ford. Gall integration is also complete. Now they're focused on finishing the caching implementation, as well as a new %walk schematic to perform a graph-search through the available marks for data conversion. Ted and Elliot's work is here on GitHub, and their more detailed updates are here as comments to their original Fora post.

And last, but not least, Josh ~taglux-nidsep and Robert ~lodleb-ritrul have continued their much-needed doc-improvement work. Josh's in-progress drafts of his new Hoon tutorials are here, and Rob's latest pull requests improving the standard library docs are here. If there's anything you feel should be documented and currently isn't, feel free to write us a comment below.

May ~zod be with you all. Have a great rest of your week.