~2018.8.30 Update


Here is a smattering of the exciting things going on at Tlon this week.

Now that we know what the infrastructure for transferring our current property registry will look like, Will ~hadrud-lodsef, Morgan ~hidrel-fabtel are getting the logistics in order. Primary to this is securely generating new keys and securely transferring existing assets. Since Tlon owns a bit of address space, we're particularly interested in making sure this transfer goes down smoothly!

The Landscape team has been busy integrating changes to Collections (our new concept for writing, reading and subscribing to static files... like this one!). Our very own Canadian visionary Isaac ~davtyr-nimren did a redesign recently that makes this system more general and takes advantage of the permissions in our file system, %clay.

Of course, what kind of a square only chats from their desk? Don't most of us want to chat from our soylent-powered electric scooters as well? Luckily, wunderkinder Logan ~tacryt-socryp and Jimmy ~haptyl-wanwes have been grinding on Landscape mobile, including new features such as slick navigation an improved DM flow and, maybe most importantly, a QR-based device pairing flow.

Mark, resident solidity jurist, is busy updating %jael (our vane for handling secrets) to accomodate our newest Constitution.

Joe ~master-morzod is making good use of his time in the office to make everyone else feel unproductive. Not only is he the maestro behind the mergepocalypse that I mentioned last week, he is also finishing up work on booting a ship using a keypair generated by, you guessed it, the front end key tools mentioned above.

Ford Turbo is getting a good work out from its integration with the updates we made to %arvo to accomodate Landscape. Dynamic duo Ted ~rovnys-ricfer and Elliot ~littel-ponnys are fixing these bugs and updating the test suite to account for these cases.

Last but not least David ~patpex_ponleg joins the Docs crew. David has experience teaching programming, and has even used Hoon in his classes. We're happy to have him help us teach the world to hoon. Come and say hi to him on %talk, or even better, ask him to help you with your hoon homework ;)

Next year on Mars!