~2018.8.8 Update


Here's a short update from the team at Tlon for the week of ~2018.8.8:

The Interface team spent another week completing the new Urbit frontend. Gavin ~ridlur-figbud finished up his project for putting an image to your @p ("pat-P") (image is teaser). Galen ~ravmel-ropdyl and Jimmy ~haptyl-wanwes did another round of design reviews for a couple of our interfaces. Chris ~sigtus-hossyn implemented Landscape functionality to reconnect to your Urbit after a long period of disconnection (we never leave :talk, so we of course wouldn't know about that). Logan ~tacryt-socryp fixed some more iOS bugs and implemented mobile in-app caching of Collections, making the app more feature-complete. Isaac V ~davtyr-nimren continued the Collections redesign (code here).

The Infrastructure team put another week in forming a more perfect kernel. Ted ~rovnys-ricfer continued bug hunting in his Ford Turbo cache implementation. Elliot ~littel-ponnys has Ford Turbo integrated with all of Arvo now, but some last steps are still needed to be able to fully remove old Ford from the system. You can find Ted and Elliot's code here, and their technical updates are posted to Fora here. As Ford Turbo has approached completion, we've realized major performance bottlenecks in our Hoon compiler. So we've called upon Paul ~fodwyt-ragful to help make Hoon really fast. Ted's parallelism UP has also some gotten comments since it was posted last week -- check out the proposal here.

The Keys team got us another week closer to getting on chain. Joe ~master-morzod now has ships booting from the keys in our testnet contract. Travis ~rigdyn-sondur finished implementing our much-needed secp256k1 crypto jet (code here). Mark ~palfun-foslup nearly completed his argon2-wasm library for key generation/derivation. Our man Chris ~sigtus-hossyn is helping him integrate it with our other front end libraries (code here). Anthony ~poldec-tonteg and Morgan ~hidrel-fabtel are busy folding all of this new functionality into Urbit Wallet to help you manage your ships. Robert ~lodleb-ritrul is working on the copy for all of these apps, so that their functionality is crystal clear to users.

Lastly: We're throwing a party next Friday, August 17th. Link: meetup.com: Urbit IRL ~2018.8. Be there!

See you on Talk, Martians.

Photo credit: Tlon