~2019.12.6 Weekly Web Update

Wishing everyone a festive holiday season. Here are some updates from the Tlon team:

1 - We recently released urbit v0.10.0. This continuity-breaching release contains both Arvo and Vere changes, so users should update their binaries. After upgrading, users should create new piers. Find the release binary for macOS and linux64.

A few release highlights:

Check out the full release notes here.

2 - This year we set out to get Arvo to a point that we can credibly call ‘stable.' ~poldec-tonteg wrote about the details of how we accomplished stability here.

3 - The final San Francisco meetup of the year is on December 13th. We hope to see you – RSVP here.

4 - The Seattle Urbit group is hosting a meetup on December 18th. RSVP for tech and holiday cheer.

Talk to you soon!