~2019.2.11 Update


Here’s a short update from the team for the week of ~2019.2.11:


The network has been frothy since the transition, with Isaac ~novlud-padtyv, Joe ~master-morzod, Philip ~wicdev-wisryt, Ben ~pitmug-roptic, and Ted ~rovnys-ricfer working non-stop to fix first memory and then %ames connectivity issues. Their efforts have paid off and we now appear to be sailing calm seas.

If you haven’t booted into the new era, follow Getting Started and feel free to ;join ~dopzod/urbit-help if you need help or want to learn more about the system. See Messaging if you don’t know what that means.

If you’re having connectivity issues, make sure you're running urbit 0.7.3, try updating again, try this fix, or if you're stumped, let us know.

To stay up to date on network status, follow @zodisok on Twitter.


Ted ~rovnys-ricfer and Joe ~master-morzod got an %ames rewrite to compile and are working on documentation and unit tests. Elliot ~littel-ponys is rewriting %eyre, our webserver, which is some of the gnarliest code in Arvo. Outbound web requests are now working, which has allowed us to delete old %eyre from the lighter-than-eyre branch, and work continues porting individual %gall applications over to %light. We’re looking forward to moving Landscape onto new %eyre soon. Logan ~tacryt-socryp is rewriting the HTTP client in Vere (Arvo’s interpreter) to better support HTTP/2. This will allow us to provide push notifications in the heretofore rumored Landscape iOS app. Finally, Gavin ridlur-figbud and Jimmy fallyn-balfus are working on a new design system to enable fast UI prototyping. We’re very excited to share more about that in the near future!

Shout-out to Philip wicdev-wisryt for this heroic weekend PR that fixed persistent connectivity issues on the network after Thursday’s breach.


Palladium, a magazine on governance futurism, talk about Urbit through the second half of Palladium Podcast Ep. 2 in a conversation about their recently published article Facebook’s Political Problems are Inherent to Centralized Social Media. Worth a listen.


If you're in San Francisco on March 1st, we're hosting an AMA with Galen Wolfe-Pauly, Tlon's CEO.