~2019.4.11 Update


Here’s a short update from the team as of ~2019.4.11:


Philip ~wicdev-wisryt made progress on %aqua, simulated Arvo instances running in Arvo, and getting individual continuity breaches working, which will enable resetting of sunk ships. Elliot ~littel-ponnys and Joe ~master-morzod have been readying cc-release for release. Ted ~rovnys-ricfur has been laying the groundwork for future error handling and making progress on new %ames. Ben ~pitmug-roptec and pilfer-pandex continued work on Hoon's type system. Finally, Jared ~nidsut-tomdun is revamping %gall, currently +mo and +ap.


We conducted an Azimuth AMA and an "IDEA BLITZ" on Landscape. Excerpts from the IDEA BLITZ are collected in a Github issue, and archives are available at ~dopzod/azimuth-ama and ~dopzod/idea-blitz.

April Fools

Ted ~rovnys-ricfur shared a convincing argument for uppercasing Hoon and someone launched Urbit Classic, running 2016-era Arvo. To be clear, we don't recommend sending them Bitcoin.

Until next time.