~2019.5.10 Update


Ted ~rovnys-ricfur is rewriting %ames, Urbit’s encrypted peer-to-peer messaging protocol, in the “aloe” branch. Philip ~wicdev-wisryt has been working on a bind rune, monadic pH tests, and %ames “aloe” with Ted. Jared ~nidsut-tomdun is reworking %gall and has been pushing Bridge updates with Mark ~palfun-foslup. Joe ~master-morzod has cc-release – the next major version of Urbit – just about ready to go. This bundles a new multi-process architecture, support for running the full bootstrap sequence, new event dispatch and persistence, a new build system, and more. Elliot ~littel-ponnys merged new event batching (part of cc-release), which makes Urbit performance less I/O bound. Finally, Morgan ~hidrel-fabtel and Alex ~mignyt-mogseb launched a public mailing list, urbit-dev, a new proposal system, and reimplemented urbit.org to enable fast builds and automatic deployment.

Until next time.