~2020.4.4 Update


We’ve had a big week. On Friday, we presented OS1 to the world. The event included both an interactive demo, and a panel of Tlon developers and designers talking about the thinking, and the deep roots of computing history, that lead up to this moment. Lots of you attended online and asked great questions; thanks for coming! If you missed our livestream of the OS1 release event, a video can be found here.

Urbit OS1 is designed as a flexible, user-owned tool for creating and living in communities. To that end, we’re giving out sets of Urbit address space to communities who’d like to use Urbit. You can apply here.

If you’re a Hoon School graduate, we’ve got a big announcement: The inaugural Hoon School Hackathon, a free-form competition in which participants will have a month to create the coolest Urbit-related projects they can, runs from Friday, April 3 to Monday, May 4. A total of 22 stars are being given away to those who submit the best projects in this timespan. The Hackathon is only available to those who have graduated from a session of Hoon School. We’ll be sending an email out to everyone who is eligible.

Haven’t done Hoon School? Don’t worry! We will be running more hackathons in the future, at least two a year. The next Hoon School session begins on Monday the 6th, so there’s still time to sign up. Go to urbit.org/community/hoonschool/ to enroll.

OS1 is for homesteaders and tinkerers. It’s profoundly new. It’s not our final destination, but it’s an important and foundational tool for getting there. And it’s a big leap towards allowing individuals and communities to use it for their needs. There’s already a growing constellation of public communities on Urbit. When you’re ready to launch OS1, check out our install guide.

If you need a planet, you can buy one from Urbit Live.

For updates on OS1 and the Urbit project in general, we encourage you to follow us on GitHub and Twitter!