~2020.6.15 Update

Hello, friends. I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy. We at Tlon are still working from home, and we have a lot to report. Here’s a brief update:

1 -

The results of the first-ever Urbit Hackathon are in and we’re really excited about them. You can read more about the winning projects on the blog.

We decided to keep this first one just to Hoon School graduates, but we’re already planning another one that will be open to everyone later this year.

2 -

We’ve got two exciting lines of work coming together right now. The first is “Ford Fusion,” the next step in the evolution of our build system. This new design will alleviate a lot of the pain around OTAs (over the air updates), allowing us to upgrade ships more seamlessly. The second is a new version of our runtime daemon, this time implemented in Haskell. Moving to Haskell will create more surface area for contributions (versus our current, idiosyncratic C implementation). Shipping along with this latter will be improvements to our IPC protocol, the cause of many subtle runtime headaches.

3 -

The Urbit Community group has been fun and engaging lately. If you’ve booted your Urbit and haven’t joined, we encourage it. We’re there talking about the future of Urbit, core development, and all things Urbit adjacent and related. Ask for an invite in /urbit-help once you’ve gotten set up.

4 -

The Hoon School project is now in the capable hands of Urbit community members and they’re doing a fantastic job.

Hooniversity, the new home of Hoon School, is run by ~rabsef-bicrym and ~risruc-habteb. Session 5 is now underway and session 6 is set to begin on August 1.

If you’re interested in learning more and enrolling in the course, join the Hooniverse group via public channel ~/~hiddev-dannut/hooniverse. You can also find them on Twitter as hooniversity1 or via email at join@hooniversity.org.

5 -

In case you missed it, we’ve been writing quite a bit in the past few months. Here’s the latest collection of posts:

6 -

We’re always happy to give contributors address space to work on Urbit projects. Find a Bounty to claim, or pitch a Proposal of your own.

Until next time!