:: Leave the internet behind

Urbit is a new computing paradigm that provides complete ownership of your digital world.

Leave the centralized internet behind. Run applications the sovereign way.

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Make your application sovereign with personal servers for you and your community.

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Own your compute in the ways that matter.

Beyond Data Ownership 

Own your data and the software that leverages it

Persistent Identity 

User-controlled public-key infrastructure

No Platform Risk 

You are the platform, no one can take it from you

Network Resilience 

Distributed servers avoid single points of failure

Private by Default 

Personal computing means private computing

Designed for Security

A new stack that's secure at the lowest levels

A fork in the road for computing.

Urbit is a Layer Zero for truly personal, networked computation. It's entirely self-contained, private, cryptographically owned, and designed to last forever. With Urbit, user-owned networks are finally possible.

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