Grants Program

The Urbit Foundation's Grants program is one of our primary mechanisms for distributing address space to creators and developers.

Grant types


Proposals are the main way to get funding for your project. We fund all kinds projects, not strictly technical ones, so don't hesitate to pitch your idea!

Submit a Proposal


Apprenticeships are practical learning opportunities for new Urbit developers provided by members of the Urbit community. They're one of the best ways to level up your skills and often lead to full-time jobs.

Become an Apprentice


Bounties are contracts for work provided by either the Urbit Foundation or from trusted partners in our ecosystem.


Grant applications and proposals are approved on a bi-weekly basis. The next deadlines are March 14th & 28th.

If you any questions regarding grants, feel free to email [email protected]


We believe that grants are more successful when tackled with the support of a community, and community starts with individual relationships.

  • Proposals are approved and stewarded by past grant workers.

  • Bounties are overseen by those that post them.

  • Apprenticeships are largely about building a relationship between apprentice and mentor.

Whether you're gearing up to submit your proposal or just thinking about it, the best way to get started is to join the Urbit Foundation group.

Feel free to contact ~poldec-tonteg with general questions or ~marfun-pacpet regarding administrative matters.


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