Urbit is a community project. While anyone can contribute, we help focus development and reward exceptional contribution through our grants program.

Contributors of all types have access to a wide variety of resources while working on projects, including a supportive team at urbit.org, Tlon developers, and community mentors.

Recent Gifts

These grants should give you a general idea of what kind of work we reward:

Bitcoin Full Node Provider and Wallet

6 stars awarded

This bounty covers the creation of infrastructure (gall agents) required to enable a Bitcoin-based payments system from within Landscape.

WebRTC Gall Agent and External App

8 stars awarded

Add WebRTC support to Urbit, including call/stream setup and teardown messaging and ICE/STUN/TURN advertisement and authentication.

Urbian: a customized Linux distribution for Urbit appliances

2 stars pending

A package for the generation of custom Linux images with Urbit running as service, for the backend of a turnkey Urbit appliance or IoT hub.


Contributors are also welcome to have their personal projects considered as a proposal. If you'd like to propose a project for the grants program, first review oursubmission guide, and feel free to submit your proposal.


Gifts are given post-facto for exceptional contributions.

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June 15, 2021

Gifts Q3 2020

Josh Lehman
September 22, 2020

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