Azimuth as Multipass

What if everyone had a single 'civilizational key'?

May 15, 2019

Galen Wolfe-Pauly


Why can’t I just walk up to a door and have it open for me? Why can’t I simply arrive at a restaurant and have them know I’m there? Shouldn’t I be able to buy a ticket to a show with my Multipass then scan it at the entrance and use it to buy drinks?

Why should I have to log in with MEGACORP? Today, in most cases, it’s a different MEGACORP for every single context. It’s a MEGAMESS.

Why not just use one? Forget about how we get there for a moment: just imagine how simple it could be.

An Azimuth point is an identity and a wallet. Both a driver’s license and a credit card. Identity and money. Think about it as a ‘civilizational key’ for a new society. Concretely, it’s nice to imagine it as a physical object. A slick, card sized object with an e-ink screen. You can tap it to pay, tap it to enter, and plug it into a computer to boot your Arvo OS.

Worried about losing it? Just remember your ticket. If you use our wallet system, all you need to remember is something like ~ravmel-ropdyl and ~habpem-sondem-pidbyt-solbyn. A point and a ticket. That’s it.

Woke up in the desert, no idea how you got there, but can still remember your point and ticket? Great! Just get to an internet connection and re-ticket – you’ll be fine. Although probably dehydrated.

If you’re someone who’s worried about getting kidnapped, just use a child identity. Your Azimuth planet has ~4B of them, so you can always invalidate one if you lose it.

Perhaps part of how we ended up in the world we’re in is that we didn’t have something like Azimuth to begin with. Today, it’s backwards: everyone has an address on the network, but no one has an identity.

We think everyone needs an identity that can hold money and have packets routed to it. Start there, and it’s quite fun to imagine where you end up. A civilized digital society might even be possible after all.