Peer-to-peer collaboration for communities of all shapes and sizes

Whether you're a team, a publication, or a group of friends, Tlon is an app that provides a few simple basics for communities to shape into something unique to their needs. Get comfortable and compute in peace, an internet of intimate connection.

Start, host, and cultivate communities. Own your communications, organize your resources, and share documents. Groups is a decentralized platform that integrates with Talk, Notebook, and Gallery for a full, communal suite of tools.

Teams, clubs, DAOs, and secret societies use Groups to digitally congregate, using channel integrations to extend their capabilities.

Write, edit, and publish longform or shorter documents with Notebook, a basic text editor for announcements, internal meeting minutes, blogs, and everything in between.

Gather links to images, articles, and web pages to maintain a collection of references with Gallery, a versatile and interoperable repository for day-to-day digital trawling.


Disclaimer: Applications may not be audited for security and might contain malicious code or vulnerabilities that could lead to unwanted interaction with your ship. Explore at your own risk.

How to Install an Urbit Application