Developer Call: Azimuth, Scaled

Discussion of Layer 2 Architecture and Implementation

Online Event

ETH Gas prices are too high! The growth of Urbit has been greatly hampered this year by the cost of activating planets. Join Philip Monk (~wicdev-wisryt) and the entire L2 team as they present the work completed to date to implement Layer 2 naive rollups. Come see a demo of the new Bridge front end, first migrating a star and spawning some planets, then activating a planet, all on L2.

This call will be a great opportunity for galaxy owners to get their questions answered for the upcoming vote on Layer 2 implementation. It will also be good for anyone in the community that wants a comprehensive look at how naive rollups will work to bring down planet activation costs. If you're technically inclined, be sure to check out Philip's walkthrough of the naive rollup code ahead of time so you can ask questions.