USTJ Inaugural launch Vol. 1

Join us on April 30, 2PM EDT for the launch of the Urbit Systems Technical Journal.

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Join us for the official launch of the first volume of Urbit Systems Technical Journal, the first and only Journal of Solid-State Computing. After months of work Prof. Dr. N. E. Davis and many Urbit contributors, including UF CTO Ted Blackman and infamous systems architect ~mopfel-winrux, have produced a print journal that discusses the most pressing problems and exciting solutions in the world of Urbit. Like the famous Bell Labs Technical Journal on which it is modeled, the Urbit Systems Technical Journal aims to document the engineering work necessary to realize the vision of computing as sovereign, deterministic, and grounded on solid first principles. Watch as Davis and others read from their articles, discuss the project, and more.

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Watch the inaugural launch on Youtube & X @urbit