Urbit Denver

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While Urbit is the animating force behind this group, people of all interest levels & familiarity with the project - be they long-time users, or newcomers simply wondering what the heck Urbit is - are welcome & encouraged to attend these meet-ups. The conversations are lively and span a wide variety of topics, ranging from Urbit to philosophy, tech, crypto, the arts, health and well-being, and much more.

Our goal is simply to build a community of people interested in the project and the future it envisions, in which members can freely connect and discuss the project and the various ideas & values adjacent to it.

And for those wondering what the heck is Urbit? Urbit is an ambitious reimagining of what the internet can be; it is a virtual computer and peer-to-peer network, built on a philosophy of human-scale computing, where you own all your data and identity. Urbit strives to once again make the computer a useful tool under the control of the user, and not vice versa. Still confused? Stop by and we'll (try to) explain it.