%blog Quality of Life Improvements

%blog Quality of Life Improvements

March 17, 2023

Reward: 1 star

Grantee(s): ~foddur-hodler

CompletedApprenticeshipDev: Apps

Blog QOL Upgrades

%blog Apprenticeship is a userspace application apprenticeship focused on experiential learning in publishing on Urbit. The three main quality of life upgrades ~dachus-tiprel would like are:

  • Subscribe to someone’s ship to see when they have published a new post
  • Password protected posts
  • Export-Files / Import-from-Backup pokes

Apprentice Expectations

Apprentice is familiar with %blog, has gone through hoon school, has a worked with a gall app before (both frontend and backend).


The apprentice will work with ~dachus-tiprel directly. They will participate in an initial "kick-off" call to talk through the user stories and the expected implementation, and will proceed with weekly or biweekly (at the apprentice's preference or need) meetings with ~dachus-tiprel thereafter.


3 separate production-ready pull requests to the %blog hoon repo and %blog-ui repo each of the requested features.

User Stories

As someone integrating with %blog I want to

  • Subscribe to a %blogger and be notified whenever they publish a new post As a %blogger I want to
  • Password protect my posts to limit access As a %blogger about to breach I want to
  • Export all my my blogs into a file
  • Breach my ship
  • Reload all of my blogs/themes/drafts exactly as they were

Implementation Notes

~dachus-tiprel is amenable to suggestions of strategies from his apprentice as to the nature of the implementation of this feature, particularly in the Front-End presentation. We have a suggestion for the general implementation details on the backend, but are nonetheless open to input:

  • Subscriptions should be done using the new sss.hoon library
  • Password protection will likely be done using some sort of sail page that redirects to the post upon a correct POST to %blog

Schedule and Compensation

The %blog apprenticeship should take no longer than 3 months, but is likely executable within a month. The apprentice will recieve 1 star upon successful completion of the apprenticeship.