Bridge Issue Grab Bag

Close three issues from the Bridge github repo.

April 17, 2023

Reward: 2 stars

ID: B0260

Grantee(s): ~sicrep-docrem

Champion(s): ~poldec-tonteg

CompletedBountyDev: Tool


The Urbit Foundation monitors existing and new issues in the Bridge codebase to identify issues that can be addressed by community contributors. Issues are selected to require minimal organizational context so that contributors can jump right in.

This bounty will be awarded to someone who closes any three of the issues labeled community contribution in the Bridge github repo.

The ideal contributor will have a command of JavaScript (specifically React) as well as experience with Web3/ETH front end development. The latter includes setting up a local ETH testnet and deploying test contracts. Familiarity with the Urbit stack, specfically the Azimuth PKI and the L2 roller system will also come in handy.

For clarification on any of the issues, please mention @vvisigoth or the issue filer in the issue comments.


2 Stars