Farcaster Frames

Make your Urbit app into a Farcaster Frame.

May 5, 2024

Reward: 1 star

ID: B0349

Champion(s): ~tamlut-modnys

ApplyBountyDev: Apps

Farcaster is a decentralized social network protocol built on Ethereum. Similarly to Urbit, Farcaster allows users to control a single identity that can interact with a variety of applications.

Farcaster Frames are a special feature of Farcaster. Frames enable other apps and functionalities to embed inside Farcaster apps. Imagine if tweets on Twitter allowed you to play games, mint an NFT, or read a blog post, all while staying inside the Twitter app.

We want to show off Urbit to the world while also engaging with other decentralized Web3 technologies. If you create a Farcaster Frame for your Urbit app, so that users on Farcaster are able to interact with the content, we will award you 1 star.