Doccord Compliant Comments in all Generators

Adapt the comments in the default generators to take advantage of the new doccord features.

January 31, 2023

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ID: B0231

Grantee(s): ~napnyl-nortuc

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The base desk comes with a variety of generators and threads that are useful for debugging and development. Documentation and usage guidance for these is scattered between inline comments (accessible via the +help generator) and We propose to take advantage of the newly released doccords feature to consolidate the documentation and provide an introduction to the doccords utility for users.


For every "dojo tool" covered in the docs, move the documentation into the source code in accordance with the doccord style guide.

Rewrite the +help generator to display the relevant doccords.

Currently you need to do the following to see inline doccords.

=file -build-file %/path/to/file/hoon
# file

This should be improved to be:

+help %example-generator
> formatted comments


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