Generic Text Search Tool

Generic Text Search Tool for Urbit

September 1, 2023

Reward: 2 Stars

ID: P0292

Grantee(s): ~macrep-racdec

CanceledProposalDev: Tool


The agent builds an index as other agents poke it with text to be indexed, and returns search results when poked with a query. The agent should support complex boolean queries, and should support fuzzy search and search suggestion if possible.

The pull request to %blog adds an HTTP path for search queries (on an opt-in basis), and adds a search bar option to the blog's theme selection.


Milestone 1

Deliver an indexing agent that supports keyword text search at a practical speed.

Reward: One star.

Milestone 2

Deliver a pull request to %blog that works with the indexing agent to make published blogs searchable.

Reward: One star.

Total Compensation

2 Stars

I estimate one to two months per milestone, approx. three months total.