Goals 2

Goals 2

March 20, 2023

Reward: 5 stars

ID: P0227

Grantee(s): ~niblyx-malnus, ~sidlup-havwen

Champion(s): ~datder-sonnet

CanceledProposalDev: Apps

Main Objectives

Groups Integration (Reward: 2 Stars)

  • Full association of a pool with a group.
    • The pool is public or private in correspondence with the group.
    • The pool has the same set of banned/allowed ships as the group.
    • All group admins are automatically admins on the pool.
    • Members who leave or are kicked from the group are automatically removed from the pool.
    • Members who join the group are automatically added to the pool.
  • Each pool and goal will have an associated note. A note is a piece of markdown used to flesh out the pool or goal in greater detail.
  • Each pool and goal will have an associated comment section where pool members can comment on the specific details of the goal.
  • Both notes and comments will be able to link to existing nodes in Groups which will render appropriately. This includes chats, notes, channels, comments, entire groups, and applications.
  • Both notes and comments will be able to link to existing pools and goals which will render similarly to Groups nodes.
  • Significant events trigger notifications to be sent via %hark. These include:
    • Being assigned to be chief of a goal.
    • Being assigned to be in the spawn set of a goal.
    • New goals spawned under goals you own.
    • Non-actionable goals with no subgoals being left childless for an extended period of time.
    • Other events as they emerge and are deemed appropriate.

Sorting/Filtering and Tags/Fields (Reward: 2 Stars)

  • Tags
    • Each goal within a pool can be tagged.
    • Everyone can maintain private tags associated with a goal which only they can view.
    • Harvested goals can be sorted by tags.
    • Tags can be viewed so that all goals associated with them can be seen and explored.
  • Sorting/Context-based Ordering
    • Goals can be sorted by the date of their deadline or kickoff.
    • Goals can be re-ordered in the context of their subgoals with a simple dragging mechanism.

Improved UX (Reward: 1 Star)

  • Shortcuts and quick actions using ctrl
  • Improved mobile experience
  • Working poke relays on the frontend
  • Ability to re-order subgoals with a drag and drop action
  • Dark mode


Reward: 5 stars