UF Apprenticeship Grant: Hoon Eval and REPL

May 4, 2022
Core Dev

UF Grant: Hoon Eval and REPL

This project adds a commandline interface for evaluating hoon and printing the result, with a stretch goal of producing an interactive REPL. While most of the implementation will be in C, the apprentice will learn about and make extensive use of the Hoon parser, compiler, and pretty-printer.


  • an eval command in vere
  • a stateless REPL mode in vere

User Stories

  • cat test.hoon | urbit eval
  • read, eval, print, loop


  • proficiency in C and unix-style i/o
  • basic familiarity with Hoon

Educational Outcomes for the Apprentice

The apprentice will learn about:

  • vere/u3
  • parsing and compiling hoon
  • printing vases and tanks

Responsibilities of the Mentor

  • technical direction
  • code review
  • release plan

Duration and Compensation

Expected duration is two months. 1 star paid at completion of apprenticeship