Maat (Tasks)

March 17, 2024

Reward: 2 stars

ID: P0337

Grantee(s): ~talfus-laddus

Champion(s): ~tamlut-modnys

In ProgressProposalDev: Apps


There is much to-do in the world. Urbit needs a way to keep track of all those tasks.

It will be created with care.

User Story

  • ~zod wants to keep track of his tasks
  • ~zod wants to have different lists of tasks depending on the context
  • ~zod wants to filter lists of tasks by tags
  • ~zod wants to share a particular list of tasks with others
  • ~zod wants to collaborate on a list of tasks with others

User Capabilities

  • Create a list
  • View all lists
  • Add a task with tags and description to a list
  • View all tasks of a list
  • Edit a task of a list
  • Delete a task from a list
  • Mark a task as done/undone
  • Filter tasks by tag
  • Share a list with the World Wide Web (read-only)
  • Invite other ships to work together on a list (read and write)

Architecture and Technology

The backend will consist of three agents:

  1. Main agent with state
  2. REST-API agent which exposes HTTP endpoints and peeks/pokes the main agent
  3. UI agent with serves the frontend

The frontend will be written as a Progressive Web App in HTML, CSS and Javascript and will utilize the HTMX framework.

The app will be Open Source and available under the MIT license.

It will be simple, stupid.

UI Design

A sidebar contains all the lists. The top of the page contains the input field for a new task. Right below that there are all the existing tags which can be used for filtering the tasks list. The rest of the page is the task list itself. Each task can be marked as done/undone and clicked on to be edited. The read-only view of a public list accessible through the World Wide Web is just a flat list of tasks without the other UI elements described above.

It will be calm.


Completion, Payment and Deliverable

Completion: July 2024

Payment: 2 Star

Deliverables: The app available through Software Distribution


The future of the app could entail:

  • Associate an Urbit ID with a task. Another tag ~ which stands for Urbit IDs.
  • Fuzzy search tags
  • Separators in a task list. Think of Todo, Doing, Done.
  • Comments on tasks
  • Due date
  • Nested task lists

Why another To-Do App?

Competition is good.

Apart from that the Urbit app Goals seems not in active development anymore.

Why Maat?

The Egyptian goddess Maat brought order from chaos at the moment of creation. She was the wife of Thauti, the god of wisdom who invented writing.

Why Me?

I am Matthias Schaub, also known as talfus-laddus. I am the creator behind Tahuti, an expense sharing application designed for Urbit. To aid my software development for Urbit, I have made Pilothouse to manage a fleet of fake ships. Additionally, I have crafted two Vim plugins to enable seamless documentation exploration of Hoon Runes and the Standard Library within Vim itself. I finished both Hoon School and App School.

In order to find out more about my previous works: