UF Apprenticeship Grant: Notifications Protocol

May 4, 2022
Core Dev

Project Description

This project adds a new network protocol to Urbit to handle notifying subscribers when a new datum is published. A rough spec can be found here. Without this protocol, upcoming "solid-state subscriptions", which use the remote scry protocol, will have too much latency for chat.

Ideally this project would be done by two engineers, but one experienced C programmer could also do it. The apprentices will write this code themselves, not as part of a larger team. This work is entirely in Vere; any supporting work in the Arvo kernel will be handled by the mentor. ~rovnys-ricfer, who wrote the spec and a lot of the existing Urbit networking code, will mentor the engineers.


The major deliverable is a new Ames I/O driver in Vere that implements the notifications protocol.

User Stories

  • Live subscribers receive notifications promptly and handle them correctly.
  • Sessions die and restart properly.
  • Memory is freed on the publisher ship when a session dies.
  • Heartbeat packets keep firewall pinholes open.
  • Notifications are delivered reliably even when some packets get lost.


  • Proficiency in C
  • Basic understanding of the Fine and Ames network protocols and packet formats
  • The symmetric routing project (notifications use that routing scheme)

Educational Outcomes for the Apprentice

The apprentice will learn about:

  • Firewall pinholes
  • Bit twiddling in Hoon and C
  • The Arvo/Vere interface

Responsibilities of the Mentor

  • Clarify spec and implementation plan
  • Answer questions about existing code
  • Code review: style, correctness, performance, patterns and anti-patterns
  • Help with testing and deployment strategies

Duration and Compensation

Expected duration is two months. 1 star paid at completion of apprenticeship

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