Olif: olfactive rendering of Urbit address space

July 18, 2022

Reward: 2 stars

ID: P0159

Grantee(s): ~litneb-maltyp

Champion(s): ~tocrex-holpen

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Olfactive Identity

An Olif is an olfactive rendering of Urbit address space. This project intends to map all Urbit address space to a unique combination of accessible and defined fragrant materials.

While @p's can be said and sigils can be seen, an Olif will need a substrate to be smelled. Given the physical limitations inherent in consuming scent, this project will also create the infrastructure needed to provide physical products relating to an Olif. This will include both online and physical points of purchase for current owners of address space as well as providing sale of fragrance products with new planets to those that want to join the network. Doing so will create a unique opportunity for in-person onboarding to Urbit.

The Olif formulas and material library will be publicly available for individuals to recreate independently. Both will be available on Github as well as an urbit group, hosted by the first milestone's rewarded star.


  • Expand the possible ways of rendering Urbit address space.
  • Introduce a subculture of fragrance and olfaction to Urbit.
  • Become a physical location that introduces non-martians to Urbit through retail product and smell.

How We Think About Address Space

Currently, Urbit IDs are conveyed verbally and visually. A @p coordinates a phonetic, verbal representation of address space in a way a sigil doesn't (practically at least). Sigils offer great visual representation that are impractical to visualize when said out loud. However, a @p also offers an effective visual representation of an Urbit ID.

An Olif will require some redundant rendering of address space to help convey the unique characteristics of smell. Without physical access to an Olif's fragrant parts it would be impractical to share a simple character representation of, for instance, the material list. In addition, each Olif would benefit from a visual representation and potentially a multi-sentence description of the scent notes.

List of Olif renderings:

  • Physical fragrant ingredient mixture
  • Ingredient list 1-16 CAS# and their relative percentages
  • Multi-sentence, fragrance note description
  • Visual/graph of the ingredients and their participation in the formula

Address Space Rendering Map.

ID Diagram

Alternative, visual renderings of an Olif.

Olif Visual Rendering

Who is Working on This

~litneb-maltyp and ~bonnys-tipdyn

Our team of two have run a fragrance development company for the past 10 years, specializing in the design and production of fragrance compounds and the products they are used in. Over that time our company has developed a comprehensive library and unique system for categorizing olfactive ingredients. We have been on Urbit for just around 15 months and have participated in the 2022 Hoon School cohort.


Milestone 1: Complete Olif Rendering System

Estimated completion date: 09/12/22

Payment: 1 star

  • Prepare a system to render all Urbit address space as unique fragrance.
  • Create a physical product sample (starting with an alcohol spray perfume) to deliver a rendered Olif to an individual.
  • Create a portal (Earth website) to allow individuals to translate their address space into an Olif.

Milestone 2: Publish Olif At Retail

Estimated completion date: 11/18/22

Payment: 1 star

  • Create an opening collection of fragrances and associated Urbit-centric display, bound to the addresses received from the first milestone for public sale at Maak Lab retail stores.
  • Build out a retail display and train employees to highlight the available Olif fragrances and act as a soft resource for Urbit engagement.
  • The star rewarded from milestone 1 will be actively maintained to provide star sponsorship for its planets, which will be exclusively spawned in conjunction with physical Olif fragrances. The maintained star will serve as a host for open source Olif documentation and future infrastructure for the project and its community.