Pastebin on Urbit

June 5, 2023

Reward: 1 Star

ID: P0271

Grantee(s): ~polwex

Champion(s): ~poldec-tonteg

CanceledProposalDev: Apps


One of the promises of Urbit, perhaps the biggest one, is making the Internet peer-to-peer again. That's what it's designed to do. If I want to share data with other people I should be able to share it directly. I should not need to use other people's computers (the "cloud") to share a file, or a text snippet.

While Dropbox-like functionality will take some time to arrive to Urbit, one thing we can do right now is more simple data sharing. Pastebin is a very useful website, but again it boggles the mind that you need to use an external service to share a simple piece of text with your friends. It should be easier. We will make it so.

This proposal will create an Urbit application to share arbitrary text. You will be able to produce a link that will display a piece of text that you saved. You will be able to expose that document to the clearweb, only inside Urbit, or to selected Urbit ships of your choice.


Reward: 1 star

Note: This proposal was modified from the Pastebin on Urbit RFP.