School Support

Supporting online course teaching and composing grading apps.

January 25, 2023

Reward: 2 stars

ID: B0225

Grantee(s): ~tamlut-modnys

Champion(s): ~lagrev-nocfep



A teaching assistant and developer will support App School Live and Hoon School Live, including producing basic courseware tools as command-line apps and agents. Some of this will involve further developing Urbit Forms or another backend to facilitate grading of submissions and allow us to natively showcase that tool in a course setting.


The basic spec for this proposal:

  • support teaching and grading ASL and HSL
  • course grading CLI tools (grading agent or thread from reference answer to student answer yielding final grade)
  • course admin CLI tools (gradebook store with DM reporting agent or thread)
  • maybe Urbit Forms upgrade/update (postponing)

(So about three agents/threads.)


Reward: 2 Stars