Runtime Support for Scry over HTTP

Runtime Support for Scry over HTTP

April 28, 2024

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Arvo now supports receiving scry requests as HTTP GET requests (as of this PR), but they are not optimized in the runtime. What remains to be done is:

  • Add dispatch logic to the runtime to submit an Arvo +peek (read) request instead of a +poke (write) request that injects an event, based on whether the path in the URL indicates the request is a scry request, i.e. it starts with /~_~/.
  • Ensure the runtime honors whether the request is logged in using the standard auth token. There is prior art for this check, in the runtime's static HTTP response handler.
  • Add logic to look up the scry request using the runtime's existing HTTP scry cache.
  • Add logic to populate the HTTP scry cache when receiving a scry response from Arvo.