Urbit API for Elixir

A proposal to build an Urbit HTTP Api for the Elixir language, bringing to Urbit its state of the art concurrency capabilities.

February 10, 2021

Reward: 3 stars

Grantee(s): ~mirtyl-wacdec

CompletedProposalDev: Tool

Elixir is an increasingly popular language with state of the art concurrency, based on the Erlang BEAM VM, and it's also a functional language with one of the most attractive syntaxes out there.

I am a web developer fluent in Ruby, JS, and working mainly with elixir for the last 5 years. I am also an Urbit user since 2019, and have already built small apps using the Urbit HTTP API to automate some tasks on my groups. I am very excited to build a full API and bring the whole functionality of the BEAM to the Urbit community.


Basic HTTP Interface

1 stars Enabling a basic interface to send/receive json to a running Urbit ship.

Graph Store

1 stars Enabling full interactivity with the graph-store HTTP endpoints.

Other Gall Apps

1 stars Reach all available endpoints for other Gall apps such as hark-store, metadata-store, etc.