Urbit Encyclopedia, Vol. 1

March 12, 2024

Reward: 2 stars

ID: P0338

Grantee(s): ~hassun-hassel

Champion(s): ~poldec-tonteg

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docs.urbit.org is an excellent resource for developers. However, the average internet user desires short and relatable explanations via non-technical, practical language.

The aim of this project is to lay the groundwork for a beginner-friendly knowledge base that focuses on the various stories that encompass the greater Urbit ecosystem. It will give newcomers a more inclusive first impression, informing current and would-be developers, and leading them to become active members of the community by pointing them to those that are building on Urbit. Readers will learn about Urbit by example and will be inspired to contribute.

The end product will be an expansive, searchable collection of up-to-date, verified, Urbit-related information. It will be published via %wiki, allowing clear web users to find it as well. The interlinking of pages will encourage exploration and citations will generate cross-site traffic. The content will be complementary to urbit.org.


Milestone 1 - App Catalogue

  • Estimated completion: May 2024

  • Compensation: 1 star

A comprehensive catalogue of all Urbit apps. Each page will feature their development status, authors, and a proper description of the intent and usage of the app. Their logo, related Urbit group, website, git repository, screenshots and installation instructions will be provided where available. Additionally, development of apps will be explored to give an inside look into Urbit app development. Readers will be directed to urbit.org for more involved technical information and grants.

Milestone 2 - Libraries and Tools

  • Estimated completion: June 2024

  • Compensation: 1 star

The wiki will extend the catalogue with libraries and other noteworthy tools that are relevant to both experienced and beginner Urbit developers. Experienced developers will be consulted to ensure the completeness, usefulness and veracity of this catalogue.

About Me

I'm a generalist with a background in software engineering. Web development, creative writing, graphic design and project management are the relevant areas that I'm skilled in. I've been in and around the Urbit sphere since early 2021, mostly studying it. Nowadays, I’m a regular in the Urbit Hacker House and I’m in contact with Urbit developers, including the author of %wiki. In this project I will do research to find and publish relevant information, organizing it in an easily legible manner.