%wiki phase 2

February 11, 2024

Reward: 5 stars

ID: P0334

Grantee(s): ~rivmud-fabwen

Champion(s): ~poldec-tonteg

In ProgressProposalDev: Apps


%wiki as it exists today is capable of publishing wikis to the clearweb, and collaborating via EAuth. However as a decentralized network of wikis, %wiki has the potential to do much more, and this proposal for "%wiki phase 2" is meant to address that.

The overall aims of this grant are:

  • Users can read other users' wikis by logging into their own ship, without needing the wiki host's public URL

  • Global search, which can include results from all public wikis on the network

  • Various UX enhancements

  • Shared private wikis

  • A user management system


  • Estimated completion: March 1st 2024

  • Compensation: 2 stars

  • Deliverables

  • User can create and edit content on remote public wikis

  • User does not need to join or subscribe to a public wiki to access it

  • User does not need to know the wiki host's URL

  • Host does not need to make their wiki accessible via a URL

  • %wiki maintains an index of wikis from across the network

  • Index is decentralized, there is no central indexer ship

  • User does not need to proactively add these wikis to the index

  • Index is reasonably exhaustive, should track the entire network of public wikis

  • Global search - search results can include matches from all indexed wikis

  • Searching will return similar pages from different wikis, including wikis the user has not visited before

Milestone 2 - User Experience Enhancements

  • Estimated completion: April 2024

  • Compensation: 1 star

  • Deliverables:

  • Mobile-friendly UI

  • Host can use custom CSS for their wiki

  • Host can use a custom logo for their wiki

  • User can bookmark remote wikis

  • User can fork remote wikis

  • User becomes the host of the forked wiki

  • Forked wiki keeps the revision history of its parent wiki

Milestone 3 - Shared Private Wikis + User Roles

  • Estimated completion: May 2024

  • Compensation: 2 stars

  • Deliverables:

  • Hosts can assign roles to other users such as admin, moderator, and editor

  • Admins can do anything the host can

  • Hosts/admins can restrict editing to the "editor" role or higher

  • Hosts/admins/mods can ban specific users

  • Hosts of private wikis can grant access to other specific Urbit users

  • TBD if this is based off a whitelist or %groups membership

  • Users can access private wikis either at their clearweb URL via EAuth, or remotely via their own ships

My Background

I am the developer and maintainer for %wiki, as well as the contacts app, %whom.